Environmental Impact

Compacting trash has a positive impact


Makin’ Space makes it easy for you to contribute to the protection of the environment. Compacting your trash has benefits that go beyond the time and cost savings for your business:

  • Fewer trash pickups means fewer trips by waste management haulers. That saves gas and causes less air and noise pollution.
  • Compacting allows you to fit 2-3 times more trash in your dumpster. When it’s finally time to have your container hauled away, your trash is taking up 2-3 times less space in the landfill.
  • Reduced dumpster roll-off leads to less litter in neighboring streets, businesses and parks.

Compact your Trash with our crushing machine

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Some waste-hauling services come with hidden costs for things like fuel recovery. At Makin’ Space, our agreements are clear and comprehensive.

Makin’ Space’s trash compacting services provide numerous benefits for a variety of business industries as well as residential properties.


Residential Services


Save on multiple pickups by compacting your waste the first time.

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Commercial Compacting Services


You’re likely leaving money on the table. See how Makin’ Space can help.

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