Manufacturing Trash Compacting Services


Compact Your Trash and Expand Your Profit Margin

When you’re dealing with manufacturing waste that’s measured by the cubic yard, the cost of disposing of it can add up quickly. That’s why it’s important to have a plan to reduce the number of pickups.

Makin’ Space trash compacting services can make the supply chain work harder in your favor. With our convenient, mobile service, we come directly to you and crush whatever is in your dumpster, cutting your trash volume by up to 70%. Find out how we can help you minimize costs, leaving you free to maximize your profits.

Manufacturing Trash Compacting Benefits

  • Fit 2-3 times more trash in your dumpster
  • Fewer dumpsters and dumpster hauls mean lower waste-management costs
  • Compacted trash is easier to transport
  • Save space in landfills
  • Reduced air and noise pollution due to fewer pickups
  • Works with any size open-top dumpster
  • Less time spent dealing with garbage

Manufacturing Waste

Manufacturing Waste

No hidden fees - Get a Quote Today

Some waste-hauling services come with hidden costs for things like fuel recovery. At Makin’ Space, our agreements are clear and comprehensive.


You’ve got a problem;
we can help you solve it:

  • Too much bulky trash
  • Overflowing dumpsters
  • Work slowdowns due to too much trash
  • Crowded worksite
  • Unreliable dumpster pickups
  • Delays in dumpster delivery & removal
  • Messy trash left behind by waste management companies
  • Staff spending too much time dealing with garbage
  • Rising costs

Dumpster Waste Crushing

Dumpster Trash Compactor and Smashing

Before and After Crushing a Dumpster